About the Program

MATER is an extended, constantly-renewed collection of material samples. It is the ideal space for any material lover – architects, interior designers, industrial designers, fashion and jewelry designers, illustrators, artists, constructors and advertising professionals.
Romania and the region of South-Eastern Europe needs a place like MATER in order to develop its material knowledge base – starting from education about types of materials and its uses, to comparing and selecting the best materials for creative projects and researching new materials and applications.

Mater was launch in november 2017.

months of work

partners involved

sleepless nights

great team

Why a Materials Mibrary?

The whole idea of having a Materials Library as close as possible to the Makerspace came from the needs of makers to be able to choose from a wider range of materials to use in their projects and to determine different properties of these materials through the manufacturing process itself.

Of course this idea developed into a way bigger process and now we have more and more materials to experiment with in the digital and manufacturing processes. But the most amazing part is that the wider the range of materials, the more people from more and more domains started getting inspired.

Now architects, designers, researchers and engineers are interested in experimenting with the materials at MATER.
This made us all consider going further in the processes of fabrication too, which is why the community of the makerspace and MATER is now working on bringing new tools to experiment with such as robotic arms.
The possibility of developing research projects in which to program matter is now also growing bigger in our minds. Wearables? Prosthetics? Reshaping the future is just starting. The range of possibilities is obvious when you walk through all of the materials at MATER.


In a society in which schools move away from practical experience and in which there is a clear gap between professionals that work with materials and industrials that produce the materials, the Materials Library acts as a hub for experiential knowledge, connecting professionals with producers, giving professionals the chance to work with clients directly in a neutral environment where information is God and God is friendly.

Even though the proposed budget was 250.000, the developer had an unreliable flow of money so the design changed on the run. The project was completed thanks to the sponsors and to the groups of volunteers, but also with public support in the biggest crowdfunding campaign in Romania.

MATER is now a powerful educational tool presenting a large range of possibilities for innovation and research. It gathers architects, interior designers, industrial designers, fashion and jewelry designers, illustrators, artists, constructors and advertising professionals. Students are the most enthousiasts users of the library and makers are happy to explore new material possibilities for digital fabrication.

By converting the industrial hall, the project MATER is a new completed step in the process of urban regeneration for  The Cotton Industrial Complex of Bucharest. It stands as a model for bottom-up change of an industrial area, complementary to the other functions of the architectural ensemble

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