The Leather Workshop

The Leather Workshop is an applied course for beginners where we lay the foundation of leather craftsmanship. For 4 sessions we will pass theoretically and practically through the necessary steps for making leather goods, each participant making his own object.

We have Bogdan Deliu as a trainer, who, after 10 years in digital modeling & computer graphics, has discovered and has since continued to explore a new creative area: working with leather. In his workshop come life bags and accessories made of tanned leather by the perfect combination of the classic method and tools with 3D design, laser printing and computerized technology.
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Trainer: Bogdan Deliu – designer


Start: Saturday,June 16th 2018, 10:30

The following meetings:

Sunday, June 17th 2018, 10:30

Saturday, June 23rd, 2018, 10:30

Sunday, June 24th, 2018, 10:30

Number of participants: maximum 8 / series
Course price: 450 RON
All working materials (Tool Kit, Leather and Accessories – Staples, Rings, Thread) are made available by Nod Makerspace.

Registration is done by paying the course price by bank transfer.
Students benefit from a 10% discount.
Nod makerspace members benefit from a 20% discount.
For registration and details, send us an email with the title “Leather Workshop” at

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Session 1  (3-4 hours)
A. Personal Presentation and Presentation of Materials & Work Kit: Hand Tools for
various operations (measured, cut, cut, drill, sewing)
– Various leather types and tanning information
– Accessories
B. Practical part
-Simple practical exercises with the tools
– Various operations measured, drawn, cut, drill, sewing

Session 2  (3-4 hours)
A. – Choosing the pattern of an object with the help of the trainer
Preparing accessories (pockets, holes, keys, etc.)
B. – Practical part
– exercised on the leather: cut and punctured
– we begging to work on the pattern

Session 3 (3-4 hours)

Pattern, cutting, drilling and sewing assembly

Session 4  (3-4 hours)
Completion of the object – continuing the work from the last session
At the end of the course, we summarize and draw conclusions.

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