The coolest co-working space in Bucharest. Plenty of desk and sitting choices: high-end chairs, long tables, low desks, high desks, round tables, brainstorming areas with playful furniture that invite you to creative thinking.
Join the space and enjoy the facilities: meeting areas, the nap room (a space where you can sleep for exactly 20 minutes – no more and no less than Einstein’s naps), the kitchenette (where we eat, meet, talk and cook), all designed to make your professional needs and community life go together.

sqm co-working


private studios

meeting rooms


In the heart of the materials library, the QUIET co-working is reserved for those who want to benefit from the space’s absolute calm and easiness. The materials library is gifted with high-end soft furniture for meetings with clients.

Every Library needs a reading space. Therefore, MATER had to have an iconic reading space featuring 8 seats looking over the library where you can spend your working hours.  


This space is perfect for brainstorming sessions and co-creation while enjoying the comfortable desks and sitting spaces. The round, 5 person flexible desk is surrounded by playful high-end furniture made especially for short periods of work, such as brainstorming, debates and small talks. The 5 meters window long desk assure 5 fixed sitting spaces. But… sitting too much is seriously bad for your health! That is why we have adjustable desks that let you change your working position from sitted to standing. Oh, and a nap room for the sleepy ones.


The second floor has a homey atmosphere that attracts active people. Many of them are SO active that they never sit. Here you’ll find artists painting, welding, experimenting; technical guys prototyping who knows what; fashion designers; object designers and a load of equipment to play with, right in the makerspace’s workshops. Plus there are many flexible and fixed desks for creatives looking for an inspiration workspace.

Membership includes access to:

any co-working area

it depends on your mood and the people you want to be surrounded by

meeting rooms

have as many meetings as you like, but remember to work and sleep

high-speed internet

s wi-fi/cable fiber optics internet provided by Orange

your space anytime

get in and out, anytime,
any day, 24/7

These are the MEMBERSHIPS for the co-working spaces.
The only thing missing here is you!
Come and try it out for free!
1st floor
2nd floor
Still have questions? We don’t mind!

You can find us at
160 Splaiul Unirii, 1st and 2th floor, Industria Bumbacului, 4th district, Bucharest
Tel: +40 746 323 217

Service department:

Events department:

Courses – organize or attend :

Open hours:
for visitors – Monday to Friday 10 – 19
for members – open 24/7

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