Graniti Fiandre presents Active Surfaces
Commitment to a better world

How much better would the world be with a self-cleaning, anti-pollution, bactericidal material for floors and walls? Would something like this be possible? Lucky for us, Graniti Fiandre has the answers and we can find out on Tuesday.

Harnessing a very natural process of nature, Graniti Fiandre Spa have created ACTIVE Clean & Antibacterial Ceramic — an innovative ceramic material for floors and walls that contains an active ingredient that can transform harmful substances by degrading organic and inorganic pollutants.

Blending unique designs with complex processes, this special ceramic has properties that also ensure:
– Air purification
– A bactericidal effect
– Anti-odor efficiency

On 13th of February, Matteo Sghedoni – Area Manager Graniti Fiandre will be speaking about their innovative production method and about all the ways ACTIVE Clean & Antibacterial Ceramic has such a positive impact on people and the environment.

We’ll also have a delicious buffet so come and join us for and a bite and get a first look at an innovative new type of ceramic that can actually make the world a cleaner & safer place.
Free Entrance
The discussions will be held in English.
13th of February
Hosted by MATER

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