Tailoring and Upcycling

We  know nothing compares with the joy of using an object created by you specifically for your needs, thatțs why at Nod we learn new skills and techniques in tailoring. We start the introductory course in tailoring and upcycled projects, because we want to learn that it is best to recycle, repair and then just buy new products.

 If you want to discover skills to help you transform an old T-shirt into a dress, or to create an article from scratch, or even to repair your old clothes that you are attached to, we expect you to get familiar with using the household sewing machine (simple or digital). We will learn to rib straight, curved, hidden or a French hem to put pockets, to sew hidden or visible zippers, to straighten the elastic, as well as light finishes.

Once we learn basic skills, we move on and learn to recycle, repair, change clothes by making light changes to prolong their lives. We learn to build a simple pattern from scratch, to take correct measures, simple techniques to repair (straightened, shortened, petitions, etc.). Because we want to have an environmentally friendly approach, we try to extend the life of our clothes in a way creative.

The course is supported by BROROM – official BROTHER representative in Romania (http://www.brorom.ro/ or http://www.cusutsibrodat.ro/) – sponsor of the Nod makerspace textile workshop. All necessary theoretical and practical accessories and equipment are provided by Nod makerspace and BROROM. Textiles are made available to us by Atelierul de pânză, which donates IKEA vouchers and other textile scraps!


Trainer: Cristina Zlota – designer

Course Schedule:
Wednesday, March 28th 2018 – 18: 30-21: 30
Wednesday, April 4– 18: 30-21: 30
Wednesday, April 11 – 18: 30-21: 30
Wednesday, April 18– 18: 30-21: 30

Maximum number of participants: 7

Course price: 450 lei.
Both the theoretical supports and the working materials (fabrics, sewing machines, scissors, linear, pattern papers, etc.) are included in the price. The wonderful team at Atelierul de pânză donates us to IKEA textile coupons and other textile scraps.

Students benefit from a 10% discount.
Nod members benefit from a 25% discount.
For registration and for more information, write to cursuri@nodmakerspace.ro.



SESSION 1 – 3h

Course presentation
Why it is important to learn basic elements in tailoring, to revaluate textiles
Sewing machine presentation (simple and digital)

Exercise 1 – each trainee will practice stitches and tensions
Exercise 2 – creating a bag
We will learn: making the bag pattern, simple or French sewing, stitching, attaching pockets, surfing the sewing machine

SESSION 2 – 3h

Creating a beauty bag
We will learn: making the beauty bag pattern, sewing the hidden zipper, buttonhole stitching and buttons

SESSION 3 – 3h

The synthesis of the two previous courses, made on the participants’ clothing articles
We will learn: measuring the human body, shortening the trousers, strapping the pants / charts, attaching the stamps, attaching the pockets, finishing in the waist, stitching the elastic.
Optionally, the making of tailor-made clothing items.

SESSION 4 – 3h 

Continuation of projects from course 3